Light Language Grids

Light Language Grids are a very special hand-crafted grid that fuses your intentions with sacred geometry and activates them with the speed of light.  This light speed takes your programs and sends it out into the world, creating a ripple or chain of events which align you to your highest outcome.

According to this lineage from which your grid has been created, Light Language is a practice that was brought down from the Mayans and the Aztecs. It uses colors, intentions and sacred geometry to create a clear message that moves at the speed of light. The reason why is that the message travels through the brain as an electromagnetic pulse which emanates into the environment at a level undetectable to the human eye. It is occuring in a quantum level where the codes of Creation are based. Operating at this level allows you to create an outcome in the world that aligns you to your path.

Spirit then feeds you either the energy that you are resonating, or if you are dissonating, Spirit brings balance to you. Light Language structures everything. Your Light Language structures your relationships, home and anything your aura or thoughts touch.” - Starr Fuentes, Beginning Light Language


Because Light Language operates on a different dimensional speed, there are 3 principles that your conscious mind must be in agreement with:

  1. Your thoughts create your reality.
  2. You are 100% responsible for your reality
  3. As above, so below.

According to the Curanderos, there are 5 speeds above light speed. These are the speeds at which our thoughts are created. Because of this, it’s important to remember that an emanated shape or symbol can represent more than just a 2-dimensional image.  As you resonate the energy of your Light Language grid, you are able to vibrate at a higher level, attracting supportive people and circumstances into your life faster and easier.

*** These Light Language Grids are custom created for what you need.  These are the 5 currently available:

  1. Cash Light Language Grid
  2. Health Light Language Grid
  3. Love Light Language Grid
  4. Business/Personal Success Light Language Grid
  5. Custom Grid