About Us


  • Our Mission is to assist and empower our clients with manifestation tools that support their intentions and sacred work on Earth.

  • Our Values:

    • Respect for the Earth, her natural resources and our co-creative relationship
    • Integrity and Honor in creating products that can lead to positive outcomes
    • Compassion and Understanding of people’s needs and struggles
    • Ethical Creation of Tools that honor fair wages and practice

    Our Story:

    I make crystal grids because I know how powerful they are.  I’ve experienced their effects in my own home, my holistic practice and my friend’s lives. I often create and gift grids when someone buys a new car, moves into a new home or simply want to add more protection or support in their lives.

    I felt the call to share these tools with the world, realizing that as we create improvements, changes and shifts in our lives - it ripples out into the ether and the rest of Creation.

    Crystal grids are kind of like ‘ninja-tools’ because when you use them, you’re really calling on the forces of the Universe to help you get what you want, need and ask for.

  • Our Passion:

    Geometrical grids began to show up in my dreams in my early teens and crystals became a staple part of my fascination in my 20’s. I was constantly bombarded with images of spirals, star tetrahedrons, Mobius Loops, dodecahedrons and pyramids until I finally started creating them. It just clicked. It was as if I was picking up an art form that was ancient and old as time as well as familiar as my shadow. That was over 25 years ago and I’m still creating crystal grids. They keep evolving, becoming more complex and powerful.

    About the Company:

    Crystal Grids Store creates and activates crystal grids, crystal grid sets as well as offering metaphysical tools, meditations and eBooks.  We primarily focus on our 3 most popular grids: Car Protection, Home Protection and Prosperity/Wealth Grid. We source our products from all over the world, picking up crystals wherever we go. Many grids are so unique and original that they are only made once due to the rarity of certain crystals.

    About the Founder:

    Anne is a nurse, holistic practitioner, entrepreneur, mother, artist and wife. She started working as an acute care nurse in the hospitals in Austin, TX and stayed there for over 18 years while steadily building a holistic practice.  She retired from nursing in 2016 to fully dedicate herself to her holistic practice, Body Energy Connection and Akashic Record Session, seeing clients all over the world.  She launched the Crystal Grids Store in 2017 and has continued to make grids for people as well as friends. She is occasionally called to grid large tracts of land and participate in sacred ceremonies.  She lives in Austin with her husband and daughter, their 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 chickens. It’s a full house.