Car Protection Grid

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Vehicle Protection Grid

Do you feel safe on the road? 
How important is your life or your family's life?
What kind of protection do you need?
The Vehicle Protection Grid from Body Energy Connection is super-charged with protective energy to keep you and your loved-ones safe.
With the crystals activated within the sacred geometric space of the Flower of Life, this Grid will keep you and your vehicle traveling in ease and peace while keeping you invisible from negative energy and forces.

Purpose of Your Grid:

    •    Protect you and passengers in your vehicle while traveling
    •    Protect your vehicle from harm, theft or environmental damage
    •    Protect you from other drivers
    •    Increase the energy of harmony and cooperation inside of the vehicle

Crystals Used:

The sacred geometrical arrangement of crystals creates the foundation of your intentions and sets into motion your internal programming, guiding you towards a defined purpose.

Properties of Black Tourmaline:
    •    Cleanse, purify and transform negative energy into a lighter vibration
    •    Protects against psychic attacks, negative energy and destructive forces
Properties of Malachite:
    •    Protection from evil, especially with travel, flying or childbirth
    •    Protects against accidents and congested highways
Properties of Moonstone:
    •    Stone of protection during travel & provides safety
    •    Brings calmness and relief from stress

How to Use & Where to Place:

    •    This grid is SPECIFICALLY designed to be placed INSIDE your car.
    •    This grid can be placed inside the glove compartment or velcro’d to somewhere inside the car
    •    This grid protects you during travel from accidents, police and injury. Meditate upon it before travel or state Psalm 121 to increase the activity of the grid.
    •    Once this grid is set in its place, it shouldn’t move very much or the crystals could come off, thereby breaking the grid.

Dimensions: 4” x 4” square or 4” circle

Width: 0.75”

Available: Gold, Maple-stained and Natural Wood Square or  Circle

Each crystal grid comes with:
    •    a master crystal for programming the grid with your intentions
    •    activating/programming instructions
    •    red Feng Shui envelope to empower your intentions
    •    set of 5 intentional cards to place inside envelopes
    •    velvet carrying case to protect your grid