Cash Light Language Grid

  • $100.00

The Cash Light Language Grid helps to increase your financial flow of abundance, strengthens your monetary requests and align you to the right people and circumstances. It takes your intentions and sends it out into the Universe at the speed of light to align you to the highest and best outcome.

Light Language is a practice that was brought down from the Mayans and the Aztecs. It uses colors, intentions and sacred geometry to create a clear message that moves at the speed of light. The reason why is that the message travels through the brain as an electromagnetic pulse which emanates into the environment at a level undetectable to the human eye. It is occuring in a quantum level where the codes of Creation are based. Operating at this level allows you to create an outcome in the world that aligns you to your path.


Dimensions: 8.5 x 11" Landscape

Your Light Language Grid is custom-created at the time of your order, based on your request for assistance. It is printed on high-quality, glossy yardstick and then placed in a 8.5x11" frame with acrylic cover.

Once created, your Light Language Grid is activated for three days using the tone of 528 Hz to activate the miracle frequency to align your grid to you.  Then it is sent to you and you are the next one to activate it with your intentions before the program officially runs out in the world at the speed of light. 

This message or program of light runs for 17 months so DREAM BIG!

What can you expect from using the Cash Light Language Grid:

  • circumstances and doors of opportunity begin to open easily
  • people start to appear to request your services or products
  • promotions, raises and even money from unexpected sources can appear
  • your work is elevated to a higher level
  • your ability to receive becomes even greater
  • you start to work more responsibly with the flow of money
  • the choices you make align you to a greater outcome
  • and more!