Crystal Grid Set

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The Crystal Grid Set includes all 7 sacred geometrical grids that can be used during meditation, healing sessions, sacred intentional work or as Feng Shui boosters in your home.

The Crystal Grid Set includes:

The 1st Chakra - Muladhara

Second Chakra - Svadhisthana

Third Chakra - Manipura

Fourth Chakra - Anahata

Fifth Chakra - Vishudda

Sixth Chakra - Ajna

Seventh Chakra - Sahaswara


  • Balances all your Chakras or Power Centers
  • Allows you to ground, center and tap into your connection to Source
  • Channel Kundalini energy up and down your body as you use this with healing work or meditation
  • Energize different areas of your home to represent a safe and harmonious environment


  • First Chakra - Garnet
  • Second Chakra - Malachite and Carnelian
  • Third Chakra - Citrine
  • Fourth Chakra - Rose Quartz
  • Fifth Chakra - Turquoise
  • Sixth Chakra - Amethyst
  • Seventh Chakra - Clear Quartz

Light Language

The light language of sacred geometry and colors EMANATE a vibrational message that aligns you to this crystal grid and helps radiate your intentions through the multi-dimensions.  FOR THIS VERY SPECIAL GRID SET, EACH OF THE CRYSTAL GRIDS WILL CONTAIN THE LIGHT LANGUAGE EMANATION KNOWN AS THE UNIVERSAL HEALING GRID.

The sacred geometrical arrangement of crystals creates the foundation of your intentions and sets into motion your internal programming, guiding you towards a defined purpose.

Dimensions: 4” x 4” square or 4” circle

Width: 0.75”

Available: Gold, Natural, Maple-stained Wood Square or Circle

Each crystal comes with:
    •    a master crystal for programming the grid with your intentions
    •    activating/programming instructions
    •    red Feng Shui envelope to empower your intentions
    •    set of 5 intentional cards to place inside envelopes
    •    velvet carrying case to protect your grid