Seventh Chakra Crystal Grid

  • $75.00


Purpose - Connection to Spirit

  • Increases your conscious and spiritual connection to your Guides, Angels, Council and The Creator
  • Clears your mind and increases your focus and mental abilities
  • Aids on your path to enlightenment by connecting you to the Source of ALL and the eternal connection to everything
  • Offers psychic protection from negative energy and black magic

Crystal -  Clear Quartz

  • Increases manifestation by directing and applying your intentions
  • Promotes a sense of calm, balance and harmony in your environment
  • Absorbs negative energy around you, increasing your healing abilities
  • Increases clarity and connection to Guides, dispelling negative energy

Light Language

The light language of sacred geometry and colors EMANATE a vibrational message that aligns you to this crystal grid and helps radiate your intentions through the multi-dimensions.  Based on your crystal grid, your Light Language Emanation choices are:
    •    Peace & Love
    •    Balance & Blessings
    •    Empathy & Devotion

The sacred geometrical arrangement of crystals creates the foundation of your intentions and sets into motion your internal programming, guiding you towards a defined purpose.

Dimensions: 4” x 4” square or 4” circle

Width: 0.75”

Available: Gold, Maple-stained and Natural Wood Square or  Circle

Each crystal comes with:
    •    a master crystal for programming the grid with your intentions
    •    activating/programming instructions
    •    red Feng Shui envelope to empower your intentions
    •    set of 5 intentional cards to place inside envelopes
    •    velvet carrying case to protect your grid